Product offer nb 1095

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Product offer nb 1095

This offer includes English Android 8 Oreo Auto PC + installation accessories. Can be 9-3 and 9-5 2006-2013 car.

The delivery includes all the parts, accessories and instructions needed for installation, except for the dashboard adapter that you need to select from the "Accessories" section of this offer, according to your vehicle model. If your car is equipped with a Premium Audio Amplifier System, also select the Active Audio Adapter to cart.

Product image is for reference only. The product combination comes pre-assembled and tested and can be installed on the car's original car radio, just like the original radio.

The product and product combination warranty is 1 year. The warranty covers compatibility with the car's original systems, except for the clock function of the auxiliary fuel heater, which must be replaced by a timer.

The installation and commissioning instructions in Finnish are supplied electronically.

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