CAN bus adapters

CAN bus adapters
With help of CAN bus adapter you can build your own adaptation of the CAN bus of your car. This is necessary when the in-car media device you have does not originally support CAN bus, like Car PC.

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Universal Mercedes-Benz CAN BUS steering wheel interface allowing use of original buttons with a new after-market head-unit. Use with all Mercedes cars with CAN bus. Works with Command systems as well. Includes IGNITION (ACC), SPEED PULSE, REVERSE, HANDBRAKE and ILLUMINATION signals with separated wires. Those wires can be easily connected to the Car DVD/GPS head unit.

Delivery weight: 500 g

can be shipped within 7 days

Universal CAN bus adapter enables control of Car DVD/GPS head unit through the steering wheel buttons. The adapter supports a wide range of car models and a wide scale of Car DVD/GPS head units. This model supports steering wheel control (SWC) adaptation for the car radio brands like Alpine, JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer and Sony.


Universal CAN bus adapter enables control of Car DVD/GPS head unit's reverse, park brake, ignition, illumination, speed pulse and mute signals through the CAN bus of the car. Automatic CAN bus identification. Supports tens of different car models.

Delivery weight: 100 g

can be shipped within 4 days

Audio cable to convert VW & Vauxhall cars  with Quadlock connector  to a European car radio with ISO connectors. Includes CANbus 12v key in ignition supply
This is a plug and play solution for cars without steering controls For full CAN interface solution with steering controls  use another  part number.


can be shipped within 4 days

With this accessory part you can connect CAN bus adapter to your car player for steering wheel control.

Delivery weight: 50 g

(Car model: Volvo S60/V60 2000->2008, V70 2000->2007, XC70 2000->2007, Accessory brand: ICT, UK)

Rear Parking sensor interface module.

This units maintains the cars parking beepers. When you remove the original radio you will lose the cars reversing parking aid beepers.


can be shipped within 10 days