Product offer nb 1132 - Android car player for M-B w211car + backseat entertainment

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Product offer nb 1132 - Android car player for M-B w211 car (E-Class) + rear seat entertainment equipments, which includes 1pcs 10.1 inch HDMI monitor to be attached to the headrest tubes and two infrared wireless headphones. The monitor can be connected to follow a car player program or used independently to play a program on a CD / DVD, memory stick or memory card.

In addition, there will be a car-specific licence plate light mountable reversing camera and a commercial license for the latest and updateable MapFactor for Android navigation software.

Delivery time approx. 2 weeks, installation instructions with pictures and 1 year warranty.

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Mercedes - Benz E w211 - Android 9.0 Pie Car PC (Car model: Mercedes-Benz - E-Class w211 2002->2008, G w463 2001->2008, CLS w219 2004->, Brand of head unit: ANDROID, Fascia type: Car specific)
1 piece(s)
799.00 € / 1 piece(s)
Car backseat monitor for headrest supporing tubes
1 piece(s)
169.00 € / 1 piece(s)
Wireless stereo headphones (Wireless Connectivity: With Infrared link (IR))
2 piece(s)
39.00 € / 1 piece(s)
Low cost car model specific rear view camera for Mercedes-Benz cars (Car model: Mercedes-Benz C-Class CLS, C (W203), E-class (W210) (W211), CLS (W219), CLK, ML, S-class (W220), CL (W215), Camera type: Camera installation replaces licence plate light, Image sensor: CMOS, Video format: NTSC, LICENCE-LIGHT: Bulb)
1 piece(s)
99.00 € / 1 piece(s)

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