Product offer nb 1118 - Android DVD/GPS headunit for M-B S-class (W220) 1999->2006 cars

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Product offer # 1118

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The offer includes the Adroid 2-DIN Car Player and Adapter Kit, which will match the player to the Mercedes-Benz S-Series (W220) 1999-> 2006 car, replacing the original brand-name players.

The CANBUS harness adapts the car's main power, ignition current, steering wheel, rear view camera and other car-supported connections to the car player. Also includes ISO/IEC -> DIN antenna adapter and and GPS antenna.

The W220 chassis car can have different dashboard adaptations. We offer matching parts in black and imitation wood. You can select the appropriate dashboard fitting for your car from the Accessories section below.

If your car is equipped with a D2B fiber-optic auxiliary amplifier (BOSE), it cannot be directly used with any retrofit radio. The auxiliary amplifier will then be bypassed. To bypass you will need an additional wiring harness, which includes to this offer.

We supply the photo installation instructions as electronic documents.

Warranty on products and combination of products is 1 year (extended).

As accessories, we offer reversing cameras and additional displays.

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This includes the following individual products

Android 9.0 Pie, 6.95" Universal - MediaExponent Car PC (Car model: Universal model, fits for most of the cars, Brand of head unit: ANDROID-KL, Fascia type: Universal 2-DIN fitting. Installation may require car-specific fitting parts)
1 piece(s)
599.00 € / 1 piece(s)
Mercedes Benz -> DIN fascia adapter for a car head unit (Car model: Mercedes-Benz S-Class W220 1999->2006, Brand of head unit: Original HU: Comand 2.5, Fascia type: 2-DIN car radio fitting trim with 173.5x98 mm aperture, Accessory brand: ICT, UK, Colour: Black, Installation cage type: Use installation brackets of original radio)
1 piece(s)
99.00 € / 1 piece(s)
Car mode specific active system adapter wiring harness for Mercedes-Benz cars (Car model: Mercedes-Benz S-Class W220 1999->2006, Brand of head unit: Original HU: Comand 2.5, Additional functions: -- choose, please --, Accessory brand: MediaExponent, Car brand: Mercedes-Benz)
1 piece(s)
69.00 € / 1 piece(s)

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