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New products of the shop are introduced in this product category. Even new products are carefully selected, some of those new products are a kind that they must be tested for their quality, compatibility and suitability before selling them on European markets. The products under testing cannot be bought yet but you can add some of them on your shopping list already. We will inform you by our news letters when those products become available to buy.

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New (Car model: Audi - A4 (B9) (2016 ->), Volkswagen - Tiguan (2017 ->), Touran II (2015 ->), Camera type: Camera installation replaces boot's back handle, Image sensor: CMOS)

Delivery weight: 500 g

can be shipped within 10 days

New (Brand of head unit: MIB, MIB2, Additional functions: PAS - Parking Assists System - Active Parking Lines, Car model specific video interface: Audi - A3 (8V) (2013 ->), A4 (B9) (2016 ->). A5 (F5) (2016 ->), A6 (C7) (2011 - 2018), A7 (2010 - 2017), Q5 (B9) (2017 ->), Q7 2nd Gen (4M) (2016 ->), Porsche - Cayenne [958] (2010 - 2018), Macan (2014 ->), Panamera [970] (2009 ->), Skoda - Octavia mk3 (2013 - 2019), Superb B8 (2015 >), Volkswagen - Golf Mk7 (5G) (2013 ->), Passat B8 (2015 ->), Polo Mk V facelift (2014 - 2017), Tiguan (2017 ->))

Car model specific video interfaces allow you to connect various video devices such as DVD player, TV-receiver, rear view camera, navigation box etc. to your car OEM monitor. We offer video interfaces for a great variety of car brands: Audi, BMW, Citroen, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Porsche, Lexus / Toyota, VW, Skoda and many other.

Delivery weight: 1 kg

can be shipped within 10 days

AMPIRE Bluetooth Receiver with Auto-Remote Output, RCA Output

- Marine certified
- with auto turn on function (remote out)
- certified Bluetooth 4.0 CRS I9chip
- RCA output with 1.0V Signal output
- QDL licensed
- SSID Name: BTR100
- Codec: Low Complexity Subband Codec (SBC)
- Bitrate: up to 345 kBit/s.


In stock
can be shipped within 4 days

Universal DIN fascia adapter for our car. With this part, you can install 1-DIN / 2-DIN Car DVD/GPS head unit seamlessly in your car.


can be shipped within 10 days

Remotely readable temperature and humidity sensor over the Internet. Used with Android app


can be shipped within 4 days

META TRAK GPS-GSM Telematic System

The META TRAK GPS-GSM Telematic System device is a small vehicle tracking and telematics device. It can be mounted on all kinds of vehicles even in minutes, even when doing it yourself.

Servives includes for example new eCall crash alarm, robbery and help alert, theft and burglar alarm, as well as sabotage or motion alarm. The device's built-in G motion sensor and Gyro position sensor and GPS-GSM positioning device save lives in a crash, protects the driver and passengers, and the vehicle.

Delivery weight: 1 kg

can be shipped within 7 days

(Car model: Volvo - V70 (2000 - 2007), Brand of head unit: ANDROID, Fascia type: Car specific)

Android 8.0 Oreo Car PC series with capacitive multipoint touch screen, powerful processor and 32GB internal memory. WiFi connectivity included as default. Voice Commands. Mirror Link support.

Delivery weight: 4 kg

(Car model: Ford Transit 2013->, Camera type: Third brake light camera, Image sensor: CCD, Video format: PAL)

Delivery weight: 300 g

Not in stock
Forward delivery.Time to delivery 1-4 weeks.

Wireless video transmitter, WiFi. Transmission range up to 33 ft. Easy to connect. All video cameras we represent will do. Video can be seen via Android or iPhone and Tablet devices.

Delivery weight: 200 g

In stock
can be shipped within 4 days

Product support for in-car media device.


can be shipped within 4 days

7.0" Wide VGA, 2-DIN multimedia receiver, Bluetooth & navigation built-in. Designed for VW, ŠKODA & SEAT cars. HDMI / MHL smart phone integration. Supports Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Delivery weight: 4 kg

can be shipped within 7 days

This eyeball cameras can be installed on side-view mirror etc. To be installed nto 18,5 mm hole. Cameras are adjustable almost all angles. Rear view mirroring and Parking lines visibility features are adjustable, so, the cameras can be used as rear view camera or front camera.

Delivery weight: 0.2 kg

In stock
can be shipped within 4 days