Managing sales

Dear Customer. Our regular selling program includes products which have continuous demand so that we can keep them in the stock. Sometimes our customers do request products under the same product categories we represent. That for we have offer a shopping method called as Managing sales.

What you benefit

Unfortunately, many times individual Internet shoppers confront difficulties especially on Internet shopping outside European Union. There is high risk to lost money or get wrong or incompatible things. When complying, the seller get muted or changes the identity avoiding the product liability.

As our customer

  • You will be represented by an expert who knows most of Internet sellers and goods that they sell -
  • You will be under the consumer protection legislation of European Union.
  • You will have the goods you ordered or the money back.

How the Managing sales works

  1. A customer selects and buy a product from our Managing sales catalogue. Only difference comparing to normal shopping is that the delivery time is probably longer.
  2. A customer selects the products he/she wants to get offer from the catalogues of Internet sellers we recommend and inform us about. After this, we will find out the availability and pricing the products, and make an offer via our shop to the customer. Then the customer can accept the offer by buying the item from the offer.
  3. Brokerage selling product have no 2 week cooling off time but they have warranty.
  4. In all other aspects, the deal happens by our Terms of delivery.