Terms of delivery

Terms of delivery are agreement between the seller and a buyer of on-line shopping. MediaExponent.com follows the legislation of European Union. We recommend you to familiarize yourself with the consumer protection legislation of European Union. Some of the most important principles are written on this page already.

Product information and product prices

We reserve the right to change product information whenever necessary.

The prices of the products are presented in connection with the product presentations. Our products include VAT. The tax breakdown is displayed in the shopping cart and in the order confirmation.

VAT exemption

When product are to shipped outside of the European Union, VAT is not charged. In this case, choose "Tax area" as "Delivery outside European Union".

Ways to pay


See the terms of Checkout Finland Oy at Terms and conditions of the payment order service

We accept PayPal and IBAN Bank Transfer directly. And more, we accept international credit cards. When paying with a credit card, the receiver of payment is Checkout Finland Oy.  In any issues with credit card payments, please, contact Checkout Finland Oy directly.

Packing and shipping

Costs of packing and shipping will be added on the total sum of the order. Costs depends on the selected way to deliver, and the costs are informed before payments.

We will deliver the order as soon as possible, usually on next working day. In case of out of stock or any other delay situation, we will contact you immediately.

Returning of the product

Following EU Directives set out some of the most basic rights we take for granted. In short, the basic rights are as follows:

  • The Directive on Sale of Consumer Goods and Guarantees: If a product you buy does not conform to the agreement you made with the seller at the time of purchase, you can take it back and have it repaired or replaced. Alternatively, you can ask for a price reduction, or a complete refund of your money. This applies for up to two years after you take delivery of the product.
  • The Unfair Contract Terms Directive: EU law says these types of unfair contract terms are prohibited. Irrespective of which EU country you sign such a contract in, EU law protects you from these sorts of abuses. Clauses for example, where you give up your right to get a deposit back, cannot be hidden in the small print at the bottom of a page.
  • The Distance Selling Directive: EU law also protects you, as a consumer, when you buy from mail order, Internet or telesales companies and other “distance sellers”. If you buy a product or a service from a website, mail order or telemarketing company you can cancel the contract, without giving reasons, within seven working days. For some financial services you have up to fourteen calendar days to cancel the contract. You need to pay shipping costs when returning products this way.
  • The Directive on Injunctions: An "injunction" is an order granted by a court whereby someone is required to do or to refrain from doing a specified act. The Injunctions Directive 98/27/EC establishes a common procedure to allow a qualified body from one country to seek an injunction in another. It aims to control traders that undertake activities in one Member State, which harm the collective interests of consumers in another Member State.
  •  The Price Indication Directive: EU law requires supermarkets to give you the“unit price” of products – for example, how much they cost per kilo or per litre – to help make it easier for you to decide which one is best value for money. EU law also requires financial services companies to give you certain information in a standardized way.