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Time reservation for product intro or consultation

39.00 / 30 minute(s)

Book appointment

You can make an appointment with us, for example, product demonstrations or other personal advice on in-car media devices in a demanding case. Reservations should be made no later than 2 days before the desired date of service, in order to service delivery for sufficient time to prepare. Delivery of the Service always be fixed separately with the customer.

Conclusion of the Contract

Contractual provision of the service arises when we confirm the reserved service time. On confirmation, agreed upon way of service, which may be a personal visit, telephone contact or contact by e-mail.

Service charge

The service will be charged as quoted and it relates to no more than 1/2 hour service time. Payment can be made in connection with the service order by available payment methods, deployed in connection with an appointment confirmation of the advance invoice or place of business. If the meeting leads to the sale in our nation of a product or service, the payment will be credited to the purchase price up to a purchase price of your product or service.

To cancel the service order

A confirmed reservation must be canceled at least 1 day prior to the time fixed, otherwise the payment can not be credited. If you are asked for advice on e-mail, then if the e-mail counseling is enough time already to start with, it can not be canceled without charge for claiming a refund.

Deliver the service

The service is delivered either individual counseling meeting, by telephone or e-mail. Therefore, we ask to provide the necessary customer information in connection with the service order.

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1 - 1 of 3 results